Explore MoneyMoov API on NoFrixion portal

To get an overview of what the MoneyMoov API is capable of, you may sign up at the NoFrixion Portal. During registration, you will be prompted to establish a new merchant. This process will automatically set up two payment accounts for you, one in EUR and the other in GBP with mock balance. These accounts enable you to test various API functionalities, including creating payment requests, processing payments via card or bank, and initiating and approving payouts.

Ways to Integrate with MoneyMoov API

There are two primary reasons to integrate with MoneyMoov API based on your specific needs:

Should your objective with MoneyMoov API be solely to receive payments, the NoFrixion portal simplifies this process. Here, you can generate Merchant tokens, which are sufficient for handling payment requests. For detailed information on how to receive payments, please visit this link.

Conversely, if you need to send payments using MoneyMoov API, you must create a unique client on the NoFrixion identity server. This necessity stems from MoneyMoov API's reliance on the OAuth2 authorization code flow for acquiring access tokens for most operations. To begin, you will need a client ID and a client secret, which you can obtain by contacting us at [email protected]. Once you have your unique client ID and secret, you can set up OAuth for your application. For more information on sending payments, click here.

Our complete API specification is available in a Swagger UI. You can access it here. This can be used for a more interactive API exploration experience. For updates and changes, refer to this file regularly.