OAuth2 integration with MoneyMoov API

NoFrixion MoneyMoov employs OAuth 2.0 as its authentication mechanism. To execute the majority of operations on the MoneyMoov API, an OAuth integration is essential for acquiring an access token.

MoneyMoov OAuth 2.0 integration

To integrate your application with the MoneyMoov API using OAuth 2.0, you require a client ID and a client secret. These can be obtained by reaching out to us at [email protected]. After receiving your unique client ID and secret, you can proceed to set up OAuth for your application. Utilize the following URLs provided by the NoFrixion identity server for this purpose:

For Authorization: https://identity.nofrixion.com/connect/authorize
To Acquire Access Tokens: https://identity.nofrixion.com/connect/token

Scopes: nofrixion offline_access openid