Merchant token permissions

Your system may require the capability to perform specific tasks automatically, like managing payment requests or handling payouts (excluding authorization). To enable these operations, you can assign appropriate permissions to the merchant token.

Payment requests
CreatePaymentRequestPermission to create a payment request.
EditPaymentRequestPermission to edit a payment request.
DeletePaymentRequestPermission to delete a payment request.
CreatePayoutPermission to create a payout.
EditPayoutPermission to edit a payout.
DeletePayoutPermission to delete a payout.
CreateRulePermission to create a rule.
EditRulePermission to delete a rule.
DeleteRulePermission to delete a rule.
CreateReportPermission to create a report.
EditReportPermission to edit, retrieve and initiate a report.
DeleteReportPermission to delete a report.
ExecuteReportPermission to execute and get report results.
Payment accounts
CreatePaymentAccountPermission to create a new payment account.
EditPaymentAccountPermission to edit details on a payment account.