Error message format

The MoneyMoov API uses a common response format if it encounters a problem processing an API call. Problem responses are JSON objects with the following fields:

  • type: a link to the RFC describing the HTTP error.
  • title: the HTTP status message
  • status: the HTTP status code
  • detail: a description of the nature of the problem
  • traceid
  • errors (optional): this field may contain an array of validation errors for fields that failed validation. errors may contain multiple validation error messages for multiple fields, and each field may contain multiple validation messages.

The format of the problem response is shown below:

    "type": "",
    "title": "Bad Request",
    "status": 400,
    "detail": "The main error message will provide a succinct overview of what went wrong.",
    "traceid": "0HMF4V49F2B2J:00000002",
    "errors": {
        "ProblemField": [
            "If applicable, specific validation error message(s) for individual fields may be present.",
            "Individual fields can have multiple validation error messages."
        "ProblemField2": [
            "Multiple fields with errors may be provided."

The above example can also be retrieved at any time from the API by using the /api/v1/Metadata/problem endpoint.