Introduction to getting Paid with NoFrixion

An introduction to the most relevant concepts to understand how our solutions give you different options for you to get paid.


At NoFrixion we want to take care of the hardest part of dealing with money or any form of value so developers and businesses can focus on what matters the most to their customers. One of the most important tasks for merchants is to enable different options for customers to pay for their products or services. In this document you will find different ways to achieve this using MoneyMoov, if you are looking for a No-Code solution to get paid, click here to know how to use the NoFrixion Hosted Payment Page.

NoFrixion Pay Element

NoFrixion Pay Element is a user interface that enables a merchant to receive payment for products or services.
In order to give you flexibility and to meet different scenarios for our customers, there are 2 different ways to incorporate NoFrixion Pay: Embedded and Headless.


The Embedded NoFrixion’s Pay Element is a solution designed for businesses and developers that prefer a ready-to-use user interface that is visually appealing and easy to use. This user interface is optimized to provide a seamless payment processing experience for customers that can be easily integrated into your checkout solution.

If you want to include this solution in your project, see this guide.


The NoFrixion's Headless Pay Element Components are designed for businesses and developers who require a high degree of customization for the payment user interface to match the surrounding design of their solution. By using it, developers can design and implement their own custom UX/UI for payment processing, while still benefiting from the security and reliability of NoFrixion's payment processing functionality.


Payment Methods and Options

As financial instruments grow and get better from the experience point of view, there will be different ways for customers to pay, you will identify them in our documentation as Payment Methods. Our mission is to provide Merchants and Developers with the tools to offer those methods in the simplest way possible, minimizing your development or integration efforts while increasing the chances for merchants to get paid by reducing the friction between customer, merchants and payments.

Supported Payment Methods

  • Cards
  • Pay by Bank
  • Bitcoin Lightning (Coming soon)


Payment methods can also have different Options that can change the payment experience in order to prioritize or even force a desired user behaviour. For Instance, you can enable Cards as a way for your customers to pay (Payment method) and also enable the Apple Pay button (Option) that will eliminate the need of your customers to introduce the card details, making the payment experience easily and elegant.