No-Code - Hosted Payment Page

Use the NoFrixion Hosted Payment Page without coding

NoFrixion's Hosted Payment Page

At NoFrixion we want to take care of the hardest part of dealing with money or any form of value, so developers and businesses can focus on what matters the most to their customers. One of the most important tasks for merchants is to enable different options for customers to pay for their products or services. For that purpose, we have built a complete payment experience that is secure, elegant, branded and convenient.

How to get your Hosted Payment Page

The NoFrixion's Hosted Payment Page is a built-in functionality inside our MoneyMoov for Business Portal. This portal is meant to be your solution when it comes to money operations, from getting paid to pay others.

Payment Requests and Payment Links

A Payment Request is a system representation of the merchant's intention to get paid, similar to an invoice. It contains information such as the amount, currency, and available payment methods. Through the MoneyMoov for Business Portal, businesses are able to create Payment Requests and the Payment Link that will offer the end customer a way to pay for the services or products they are buying.


  1. Create the Payment Request
  2. Copy the Checkout Link
  3. Yes, you are done!